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FinaMetrica and PlanPlus merge!

In a classic case of one plus one equalling three, two of the leading purveyors of wealth management advice tools have joined forces to create an industry powerhouse.

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Voyant Inc. is a leading supplier of financial intelligence presentation and collaboration platforms which simplify financial needs assessments and planning processes between advisers and their clients. Voyant Adviser has seen unprecedented growth across its UK IFA channel since launch. Voyant UK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Voyant Inc. which is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

FinaMetrica is integrated into Voyant Adviser. You must have a Voyant Adviser account (active subscription or trial) to use this integrated service.

QuickStart Guide Supplement

This guide introduces you to FinaMetrica's risk tolerance questionnaire and report, and explains one methodology for integrating risk tolerance into your planning process.

 Standard QuickStart Guide
 QuickStart Guide Supplement for Voyant Users